Pat Robertson Says Those Opposing Donald Trump Are 'Revolting ... Against God's Plan'

Then Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks with Pat Robertson at a campaign event at Regents University in Virginia Beach, Virginia on Feb. 24, 2016.(Video Screenshot/CBN)

Televangelist and media mogul Pat Robertson has made known his full support of President Donald Trump, saying those who are opposing the President is indirectly opposing God as well.

Robertson, the Chancellor of Regent University and Chairman of CBN, expressed his support of Trump during his The 700 Club show on Wednesday. "I think, somehow, the Lord's plan is being put in place for America and these people are not only revolting against Trump, they're revolting against what God's plan is for America," the former Southern Baptist minister said.

Robertson accused those who are opposing Trump —  the left-wingers and "so-called progressives" — of trying to destroy the country and rip Americans of their freedoms one by one.

"They want collectivism. They want socialism. What we're looking at is free markets and freedom from this terrible, overarching bureaucracy," he said. "They want to fight as much as they can but I think the good news is the Bible says, 'He that sits in the heavens will laugh them to scorn,' and I think that Trump's someone on his side that is a lot more powerful than the media."

In pointing out that those people opposing Trump are actually challenging God's authority, Robertson referred to Psalm 2:2, "The kings of the earth rise up and the rulers band together against the Lord and against his anointed."

Before last year's election, Robertson also defended Trump after the latter was caught boasting about his sexual assault of women in a video released before the election, according to Patheos.

Commenting on the video, Robertson said Trump was simply "trying to look like he's macho."

Earlier, Robertson talked to Trump at the Regent University in Virginia. He was so impressed with Trump's answers that he gave him his seal of approval, according to CBN News.