Pat Robertson says tattoos are a 'heathen practice'

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Pat Robertson, host of Christian television programme "The 700 Club", told viewers Wednesday that tattoos are a "heathen practice".

This includes religious markings such as scriptures, crosses, and pictures of Jesus.

During the "Bring it On" segment of "The700 Club", a viewer asked if her friend's proposed Jesus tattoo would be a sin. Robertson's answer was passionately affirmative.

"It doesn't make it okay because it's religious, believe me," he said. "It could just be the same tattoo as some hoochie-cooch girl. I mean it doesn't really make any difference."

The 84-year-old said that the Bible is clear on the issue.

"You look at the Bible—people were told not to mark their bodies and cut themselves like the heathens did. Tattooing is a heathen practice. It is not a Christian practice to mar the body that gave you all this stuff.

"It is a heathen practice, and it is prohibited in the Old Testament, and the fact that it is Jesus [on the tattoo] doesn't make a bit of difference."

Robertson was likely referring to Leviticus 19:28, "Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the Lord". (KJV)

Some commenters pointed out that the same chapter forbids wearing clothes made of both linen and wool (verse 19), or cutting the sides of one's hair and one's beard (verse 27).

Others ministered that "we live under the new covenant that Jesus shed His blood for", and urged Christians not to argue over insignificant things.

"Are they serving The Lord? Do you see spiritual fruit in their life?" one commenter asked.

"Do you accept Jesus as your Lord and personal Savior? That is what truly matters to our Heavenly Father....not how many tattoos you have."

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