Pastor Teddy Parker funeral live stream video for Nov. 16; Memorial service following suicide of Macon, Georgia pastor

Pastor Teddy Parker

The suicide of Pastor Teddy Parker this Sunday had shocked the world and sent resounding waves to the Christian community.

The funeral of Pastor Teddy Parker of Bibb Mountain Zion church in Macon, Ga., will be held Saturday, Nov. 16, 2013.

Parker's longtime friend Dr. E. Dewey Smith Jr., senior pastor at The House of Hope Atlanta, tweeted that Parker's funeral will be streamed live. "ANNOUNCEMENT----We will be streaming Pastor Teddy Parker's Funeral LIVE-----Saturday at 11am. #RIPTeddy."

The live stream of the funeral is available on Pastor Teddy Parker's memorial website. It will be held at Fellowship Bible Baptist Church in Georgia.

The website states: "Pastor Parker was a faithful servant-leader of Bibb Mount Zion Baptist Church. Under his God-given leadership, numerous lives were saved, 20 new ministries were implemented, Camp Zion was created, a life center was erected, and a new sanctuary is under construction. In his continued effort to win souls to Christ, Pastor Parker served as CEO of Next Level Community Development Center Inc., a ministry offering a summer program for children 5-18 years of age, a Computer Literacy Class, and an after school program."

The eulogy will be prepared by Smith, who tweeted: "FAMILY please pray for me as I prepare to eulogize my Friend this week! VERY TOUGH!"

The 42-year-old pastor who reportedly suffered from manic depression tragically killed himself with a "self-inflicted gunshot wound" on Nov. 10. as his family and congregation waited for him to arrive to church on Sunday.

Dr. E. Dewey Smith, Jr.

Smith had known Parker for over 20 years. "He was suffering with manic depression and he had some emotional issues that he had been dealing with. [He was] in treatment, but he just couldn't step away from ministry," Smith told The Christian Post.

Smith revealed that he had a very good relationship with Parker but was unaware that he was having suicidal thoughts.

The death of Parker promoted Christians around the country to call for prayer for their pastors. Twitter user Sylvester Truss tweeted: "People need to be praying for their pastors seriously... pastors hurt just like their parishioners."

Only those in Parker's closes circles knew of his struggles, and that he was under a lot of stress.

Smith told The Christian Post: "It's difficult for some preachers to be honest. Every pastor needs a pastor to kind of lead and guide them. But it's hard for us to really find that relationship because often pastors are trying to compete with or cremate you. And so it's difficult to find camaraderie."

He continued, "How do you tell your church that you have mental and emotional disorders and they trust your leadership? It's almost like a death sentence to share that. How are they going to perceive you afterwards? You have visions, will they trust you? Will they believe it's the spirit that's leading you?"

Pastor Teddy Parker's body was discovered in his car by his wife Larrinecia in the driveway of their home after he did not show up for service at his church. The father-of-two had sent his wife and children to church ahead of him on Sunday.

The pastor had also reportedly once confessed that sometimes "I don't feel like God is hearing me". In a sermon titled "Facing Your Storm With Confidence", Parker said, "You know a lot of times, we feel like when we are going through stuff and it's a lot that there's nobody there with us. And guess what? God intends for you to feel that way. I know y'all been saved a long time. I know you super spiritual and you know you real holy but there are times in your life, not y'all but me. There are times in my life when I'm going through some stuff where I can't feel God there."

He continued: "I try to pray but I don't feel like God is hearing me. I try to serve but I don't feel like God is using me. And there are times in your life when God purposely withdraws from you, he doesn't withdraw for the sake of leaving you but he withdraws so you can grow and mature."

Parker is survived by his wife and two daughters Kamry Tednae and Kerrington Tyier Parker.