Pastor hopes new Amazon Prime reality series will introduce more people to Christian faith

A new Amazon Prime reality TV show follows a pastor as he leads a team of nine motorcycling enthusiasts on a gruelling trip to a remote lake in Yellowstone National Park.

Brian Tome, pastor of Crossroads Church in Cincinnati, Ohio, is team leader in the seven-episode series called Phantom Lake

The journey takes the team on tough off-road trails and ascents that push them to their physical, emotional and spiritual limits. 

It's not without its dangers, too, as the journey puts the team members at risk of accidents and injury. 

"An experienced adventure motorcycle rider becomes a father-figure to 9 other riders as he leads them on a physically challenging and mentally grueling ride to the rim of Phantom Lake in rural Wyoming," the description reads. 

Tome told The Christian Post that the show was "controversial" because of the "God factor", but added that for people of faith, "there are few entertainment options for them." 

Explaining why he got involved with the show, he said: "I love God, I love seeing people grow, and I love motorcycles. This project was a win, win, win."

He added: "We looked forward to showing people outside of the Christian community what an actual Christian looks like who is relatable."