Pastor facing charges for launching balloons with Bibles into North Korea

A US pastor is facing prosecution after launching balloons carrying Bibles into North Korea. 

Eric Foley, CEO of Voice of the Martyrs Korea, has been launching the balloons into the hermit communist country for the last 15 years. 

Prosecutors in South Korea are pursuing charges against Foley for violating laws governing commerce with North Korea, Mission Network News reports.

"Anything you might be trying to sell from South Korea to North Korea would need to be pre-approved by the government," Foley said. 

He is also facing charges relating to breaching national security and the use of high-pressure gas.

"These are laws designed for natural disaster management, but now they're being related to balloon launching with a charge that our activity created a national threat to Korea," he said. 

It follows North Korea's attack on balloon launches earlier this year when it threatened to end a no-hostility military pact and close the North-South liaison office if South Korea allowed them to continue.

Voice of the Martyrs Korea is one of dozens of organizations involved in human rights advocacy around North Korea that is being investigated by South Korea's Ministry of Unification. 

World Magazine reports that Foley has been prevented from accessing the balloon launch site, and that the homes and offices of Voice of the Martyrs Korea staff have been placed under surveillance. 

Foley asked for prayers for North Korea and that the Gospel would reach people there. 

"God is finding ways to get Bibles into North Korea. We're amazed at the avenues He's opening. Please pray that continues. Pray that God is glorified."