Pastor claims to have seen heaven, takes pics to prove it

Prophet Mboro/Facebook

A South African preacher is claiming that he was able to go to heaven and take pictures of paradise but his story is not being received in the way that he expects. In fact, he is being ridiculed online for trying to sell photos of heaven.

According to the BBC, Paseka Motsoeneng, also known as "Prophet Mboro" is the leader of the Church of Incredible Happenings, has made claims of incredible feats before.

Before claiming to photograph the Kingdom of Heaven, the prophet has also claimed to deliver a fish from the womb of a pregnant woman.

In a statement from the church spokesperson to a local newspaper, Pastor Mboro was "captured" to heaven during an Easter Sunday service and took pictures on his Galaxy Smartphone and came back down later that same day.

According to a report by ENCA, in order to take a look at the images, a donation of 5,000 rand or about £240 or $340 is needed. In exchange, the images will be sent through What's App or Mboro's Facebook.

Social media users wasted no time reacting to Mboro's claim on Twitter. Jokes and memes were immediately posted on the site under the hashtag #mboro

"Some of photos of SA pastor who claimed to have gone to heaven & had "pictures to prove it" are leaked. #Mboro," user Bongani Matwa tweeted, posting stock images of heaven.

"When #Mboro said he'll do a discount of R3500.00 for me to have the pics of him in heaven...I was like... ¶¶¶¶" user Solomon Madube joked.