'Paladins' to get their own version of 'PUBG' battlegrounds mode

A screenshot from the official trailer of "Paladins: Battlegrounds"YouTube/Paladins by Hi-Rez Studios

Free-to-play hero shooter game "Paladins" still has quite the number of players despite the rise of many other shooter games. To keep up with the times, the game is apparently developing their own version of a Battlegrounds mode that is quite similar to the game that started it all, "Player Unknown's Battlegrounds" (PUBG).

For those who want to see what it looks like, developer Hi-Rez has released an official trailer for the new "Paladins" mode. "PUBG" players will notice some similarities it has to the game. First and foremost, there will also be 100 starting players battling it out on one huge map. This is akin to "PUBG" where 100 players jump out of a plane with a parachute and land on an area where the last man standing wins.

However, there will also be several differences. According to Hi-Rez, the "Paladins" battlegrounds map is at least 300 times bigger than a normal siege map, as per GameSpot. Also, despite the similarities between the two shooter games, Hi-Rez calls the new game mode as "the first-ever hero shooter battle royale."

Previously, "Paladins" was usually compared to "Overwatch" for having a similar hero-driven story, even with different hero shooters with different skills and such. Now, the game is being likened to "PUBG." However, unlike "PUBG," the battle royale mode of "Paladins" will be completely free for the PC and consoles.

This is not the first time where a shooter game made a new battle royale mode mostly because of "PUBG"'s success. Epic Games added a battles mode also with 100 players while Crytek placed a similar mode in their shooter game, "Warface."

There is no exact release date yet for the new Battlegrounds mode in "Paladins" as it is still in development. It will likely be first tested in the game's public test server where players can currently try out a new team deathmatch mode and a new champion named Muji.