Over 1,000 UK churches ready to host Ukrainian refugees

The number of UK churches stepping up to host Ukrainian refugees has surpassed 1,000.

Sanctuary Foundation is appealing to churches, businesses, organisations and individuals to pledge their support for new arrivals coming from war-torn Ukraine.  

The foundation was launched by Dr Krish Kandiah to encourage people to take part in the UK government's new scheme asking Britons to house Ukrainian refugees in their own homes. 

Dr Kandiah thanked churches for their generosity and said that he was praying it would "make a big difference" to people coming to the UK. 

"Churches across the UK are again responding with great compassion and generous hospitality towards Ukrainian refugees, just as they stepped up to support the Afghan evacuee families and the new arrivals from Hong Kong over the past few months," he said.

Dr Kandiah said the response from churches had demonstrated their role as a force for good in society.

"Every time I see the church demonstrate the grace and love of God to our neighbours from all over the world, I celebrate the genius of God in designing the church to be a force for good at local, national and global levels," he continued.

"We are now in a position to offer homes to tens of thousands of Ukrainian refugees.

"Churches, individuals, businesses and charities can all put themselves forward to help in what is proving to be the largest scale humanitarian sponsorship scheme ever seen in the UK."

He said that the Sanctuary Foundation was now developing resources to mobilise more people in helping new arrivals, as well as training and support for hosts.

Dr Kandiah added, "We hope and pray that this will make a big difference to Ukrainian refugees who come to the UK, but also that it will encourage our brothers and sisters in the Ukrainian church. Thank you to the 1000-plus churches and individual Christians who are making all of this possible."