Orange is the New Black Season 2 premiere: Start date on Netflix in 2014, cast rumors continue

Orange is the New Black Season 2 will be one of the most highly anticipated TV shows in the coming months with fans desperate to find out what happens to Piper Chapman following the dramatic ending to Season 1. Furthermore, recent cast rumors have left many concerned whether cast favorite Laura Prepon will be returning as Alex, or whether she will leave the hugely popular Netflix original series.

It was recently reported in widespread media reports that Prepon could be leaving the show for Season 2, with rumors suggesting Netflix producers will have her return only to see out her story line and then depart.

Netflix themselves have been unclear about the situation, simply stating that their plans are still developing and nothingis confirmed yet.

"Our season is still developing and nothing is confirmed," the Netflix representative said.

According to an article on Buzzfeed, Prepon would be featuring in a "limited number of episodes" early on in Season 2 before departing, although it will be left open whether she returns later in the season, or indeed in future seasons if they are written.

TV Guide was a lot more brutal and blunt with its rumors, suggesting that Prepon would be dispatched off immediately in the Season 2 premiere. The publication pointed to a source claiming that Prepon was on set for filming only early on, and has not been seen on set since – therefore suggesting she would only appear to wrap up the cliff-hanger from theseason 1 finale, before moving on.

Prepon herself has boldly stated that she is definitely returning to the show, although she did not state any details on how long she may be around for. Prepon told Vulture, "Yeah, of course (I'll be returning). It's just scheduling. It's all scheduling, girl."

Orange is the New Black Season 2 is expected to be released sometime in 2014.