One Piece chapter 908 release date, plot news: Shanks will talk with the Gorosei about a pirate - but which one?

One Piece fans who tuned into the last chapter, chapter 907, last week were treated to a huge cliffhanger with Shanks and now the question for the next chapter, chapter 908, is what will Shanks actually say?

Chapter 907 delivered up a very unexpected plot twist when Shanks, one of the Four Emperors of the Sea, showed up at the meeting of the Gorosei at Mariejois. Shanks asked the Gorosei, otherwise known as the Five Elders, if he could have a meeting with them and surprisingly, they said yes.

Toei Animation USA WebsiteOfficial image for Eiichiro Oda's "One Piece" featuring the characters of the anime.

It was a very surprising turn of events that has left One Piece fans even more intrigued about the overall direction of the plot as the manga inches towards the Reverie.

In chapter 907 Shanks told the Gorosei that he wanted to talk about a "certain pirate" with them but did not divulge any more details as to which pirate.

Chapter 908 will return to the meeting between Shanks and the Gorosei and it will be interesting to see what it is that he has to share with them and how they respond to that information.

Otakukart says are not sure which pirate it is, whether Blackbeard or Luffy or another, but they speculate it will actually be neither of these two but rather the captain of the Rocks.

Of course, readers will know that Shanks is no fan of Blackbeard and he is dangerously rising in power, so it's possible Shanks may want to discuss the Blackbeard threat with them.

There were also some new developments concerning Big Mom and Kaido who it turns out were in the same pirate crew four decades ago and who are now looking to form an alliance of their own. This in turn might see the return of the Legendary Rocks crew that in the past was the leading pirate crew.

As for other parts of the plot, it's possible that the Reverie will get underway in the next chapter and that we may finally get some answers to the mysterious strawhat that looked like Luffy's.

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