Obama has 'surrendered to ISIS' and must resign, former U.S. House leader says

U.S. President Barack Obama addresses a news conference following a working session at the Group of 20 (G20) leaders summit in the Mediterranean resort city of Antalya, Turkey, on Nov. 16, 2015.Reuters

U.S. President Barack Obama drew a barrage of criticism following his statements on Monday in Turkey during the G20 Conference where he said Friday's terror attacks in Paris will not change his policy regarding the Islamic State (ISIS) and that he still will not allow American soldiers to join the fight in Syria or Iraq.

Former Republican House Majority Leader Tom DeLay called for the resignation of Obama, saying he doesn't have the right worldview for a wartime president and has essentially surrendered to the ISIS, Newsmax reported.

"The president in his press conference, what I saw was he all but surrendered. He has surrendered to ISIS," DeLay said Monday on "Newsmax Prime."

"We have a president that's feckless, that's incompetent, that has no idea what he's doing," DeLay said. "His worldview is the wrong worldview for a war president and Congress has to say it. Congress has to stand up."

If he were in Congress today, DeLay said he would suspend all legislation for the rest of the year to focus on going to war and eradicating ISIS.

He urged members of Congress to go out to the American people and "explain what's going on here, explain what has to happen, show them a president that is a coward and stand up for the people when they rise up."

DeLay also agreed with former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, who said if Syrian refugees are going to be allowed into the United States, Christians should be given priority.

"The Christians are being completely wiped out in the Middle East right now," DeLay said on Newsmax's "Steve Malzberg Show." Obama "doesn't know the definition of what is American. We've got to be very careful who we let into this country."

Senator Ted Cruz also slammed Obama after the latter personally admonished him for proposing a "religious test" to select the Syrian refugees that the U.S. could accept to give asylum.

"It's not surprising that Obama is attacking me personally," the Texas senator and Republican presidential candidate told CNN's Dana Bash. "I'll tell you what's shameful is that the President after seven years still refuses to utter the words radical Islamic terrorism."

Cruz defended his position that only Christian refugees departing Syria should be allowed entry in the U.S., saying some of the Muslim refugees could be covert ISIS militants, thus posing a danger to the U.S.

Meanwhile, Democratic California Senator Dianne Feinstein contradicted Obama's statement Thursday that the U.S. had "contained" ISIS, telling MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell that they were actually gaining strength, Mediaite reported.

Feinstein said she read the intelligence data "faithfully," and found out "that ISIL [another acronym for ISIS] is not contained, ISIL is expanding. They just put out a video saying it is their intent to attack this country..."

"There's only one way we are going to diminish them and that is by taking them out, because they are growing. They are in more than a dozen countries now, they are sophisticated, they have apps to communicate on that cannot be pierced even with a court order."

"They are on the march. It is important to recognise this and prepare to deal with it with action," Feinstein said. "And candidly, I don't think bombing runs alone, we have done about 8,000 now, can really make a difference."