Noel Robinson returns with Devoted

Noel Robinson will release his first album in seven years later this month.

Devoted will be available as an exclusive iTunes download on 24 June before the physical CD releases on 5 July.

The album is a passionate, Spirit-filled collection of songs drawing from a range of genres, from soul and gospel, to drum and bass, reggae, rock and pop.

The songs are his personal testimony of the God who saves - "I Am Devoted" is especially beautiful - but also the God who is working to revive the church and restore the nation.

In "Send Your Spirit", he sings of "a sound that is rising", "a fresh wind is blowing, and "an army marching across this land".

People who have heard Noel leading worship at events like Spring Harvest will be familiar with "I Believe In You", "One Hope One Faith", and "Rain".

Other highlights on the album include the feisty closing track "Unity", and "Unshakeable", which starts with a tone of brokenness but breaks into a crescendo of praise.  

Featured guest artists include Tim Hughes, Chevelle Franklin ('We Cry Hosanna'), Faye Simpson and Guvna B. The album also includes writing collaborations with Israel Houghton ('Let the People Say') and Nick Herbert ('Devoted').

The seven year hiatus from the recording studio doesn't mean Noel hasn't been busy.  In the intervening years, he has been inspiring Christians in their worship through the Kingdom Worship Movement he founded to train and equip the next generation of worship leaders. 

Over 20,000 people have attended 'The Renewal' KWM flagship events in the UK to date, uniting them in 'One City, One Sound' to see revival in our nation.