'No Man's Sky' release date, gameplay: players will get lost in massive game

No Man's SkyHello Games

"No Man's Sky" is being hyped to be one of the most anticipated games for the year, due to its "procedural worlds" and vast galaxies. Although no clear story and gameplay have been detailed for the upcoming title, developer Hello Games has already said it is a space exploration game, with players trying to solve the mysteries of the different worlds and racing to the center of the universe. 

Players will each have their own worlds, owning the resources and anything discovered in the planets. They can name the planets and the wildlife found on the lands and waters of their chosen worlds. In addition, they can also mine the resources in the planet, and build equipment and bases for expansion. 

The gameplay for "No Man's Sky" is also dynamic, and is as close to the real world as possible. For example, as resources and equipment can be built, they can also be destroyed or lost. 

In the latest issue of gamer magazine Edge, as reported by game industry website Games Radar, Sean Murray of Hello Games highlighted the chances that players will lose their resources while playing, particularly the space ships used for exploration and trading.

Murray stressed, "I have this [design] argument with the guys all the time, but if I hand someone the controller, the first thing they'll do is lose their ship... We don't have those predefined pathways." 

Murray added that since the universe of "No Man's Sky" is so vast, they expect players to get lost time and time again, especially in the early hours of their playing.

"It's really fun to watch, because people spend their first half hour with the game getting lost – hopefully in a good way."