'The Sims 4: Get to Work' expansion pack: new trailer released

Screengrab from The Sims 4 Youtube channel

When fans of "The Sims" franchise complain about any issues with the gameplay, its because they say that there is nothing to do. Now, "The Sims 4" will introduce a new expansion pack that will allow players to have a job and become almost like their real-life counterparts. The new pack, aptly titled "Get to Work," will allow players to get into the role of a doctor, a shopkeeper, and many more. 

In the newest trailer found on the "The Sims'" Youtube channel, players can get into the role of a doctor and act out their medicine fantasies while being in a white smock or green scrubs. They can interact with female players and NPCs, give patients lapdances, and generally hang out with other doctors. 

For other jobs with a more capitalist and serious side, players can opt to become shopkeepers and set up their own businesses like photography studios and clothing stores. Shopkeepers will be able to choose products to sell, even control the prices.

Meanwhile, being a detective sets gamers up as an investigator, and they'll be able to go to neighbors' homes and hunt for evidence while investigating crimes. 

In addition, a crazy career path seems to be included for those who wish to become mad scientists. Players who choose to devote themselves to working with science will be able to conjure wacky inventions and crazy creations to keep up with the "mad scientist" label. The madness seems to go up a notch as scientists would be able to hang out with aliens, too. 

In other "The Sims 4" news, developer Electronic Arts rolled out patch 1.4 for PC and Mac players. In the patch update are fixes to crash and performance bugs, such as the "failed to load object" error when players return to the neighborhood map after attempting to load into a lot. Other errors like "unrecognized video card" for Nvidia GTX 960, 970, and 980 graphics cards, and gallery crashes were also fixed.