'Star Wars: Battlefront 3' release date nears as new teaser trailer reveals AT-AT Walker

Electronic Arts website

A short teaser trailer for the new "Star Wars: Battlefront 3" title was released by Electronic Arts. 

Showing the snowy scenes depicted at the iconic Battle of Hoth, the trailer seems to be the same one that EA had shown at the 2013 E3 convention. This is a brief footage of a snowspeeder going by along snowy areas. However, there is one difference, as toward the end of the clip, there is now a giant foot of an AT-AT walker smashing the landscape. 

The AT-AT walker is an iconic figure in the "Star Wars" universe, not only in the movies but also in the numerous games spawned by the franchise. The walker is part of the heavy equipment arsenal of the Galactic Empire, able to fire heavy laser cannons. It destroyed most of the infantries of the Rebel forces during the Battle of Hoth. 

In games, the AT-AT walker appeared in previous "Battlefront" games, and also on "Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds." Perhaps the most iconic role that the AT-AT walker appeared in was during the main mission in 1982's "Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back" game by Parker Bros., wherein players exclusively battle the behemoth destroyer. 

Aside from the teaser trailer, Electronic Arts also announced early this month that "Star Wars: Battlefront" will debut at the Star Wars Celebration convention that would take place in Anaheim, California. The convention will start on April 16 and will end on April 19. 

The new "Star Wars" game is scheduled to be released to the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC in the holidays. It was also reported that the release of "Star Wars: Battlefront 3" will coincide with the showing of the new movie, "Star Wars: The Force Awakens." The film is the seventh in the franchise following the original trilogy during the 1980's and the three most recent prequels.