New online library for evangelism

Church Army's Sheffield Centre and the Churches Group for Evangelisation have launched a new online library for people interested in evangelism and new forms of church.

The Sheffield Centre Online Library of Evangelism Research (SCOLER) offers free access to research papers and theses at MA and PhD level.

The library has been set up to make the latest research into evangelism available to the wider church and encourage deeper reflection on mission.

The theses appear alongside the full abstract, details about the author, the college that validated the works, and a downloadable PDF.

Laurence Keith, Researcher at The Sheffield Centre, said: “There has been a lot of great work done by Church Army and others over the last eight years to put new forms of church on the map.

"One criticism of this movement has been the perception that there has been little thought behind the activism. SCOLER goes some way to correct this balance, showing that some good, reflective research has gone into the field.

“We hope this online library can become a valuable resource both for people doing their own research and for those who are looking for some serious theological reflection on evangelism and new forms of church.”

Anyone with an MA or PhD in the area of evangelism is being invited to submit their work to the library by contacting The Sheffield Centre on 0300 123 2113.