New manifesto seeks to mobilise black Church

(Photo: Getty/iStock)

A new manifesto has been launched seeking to mobilise black Christians across a range of issues, from racial injustice, to Brexit, climate change and the NHS.

The manifesto, launched on Saturday, is the work of the National Church Leaders Forum (NCLF), led by Rev Joe Aldred. 

Boosting political engagement is one of the key aims of the manifesto, which notes that a quarter of people of African and Caribbean in the UK are not registered to vote. 

"With such a high number of Christians among Black communities, we must ensure the Black churches in Britain understand their democratic power," the manifesto reads. 

It goes on, "This manifesto forms part of an initiative to mobilise people in the Black Church and the wider community so their voice is heard by our political leaders." 

The NCLF wants the manifesto to act as a "catalyst" for more black Christians to vote and "realise the power of our political representation to influence our lives".

"Given the current climate and the energy, health and economic crises, we see it as a mandatory part of our Christian faith as responsible citizens in accordance with biblical teaching," it says.

The manifesto is a significant revision of the original 2015 edition and has been produced in light of significant changes within British society since then, including Brexit, a succession of prime ministers, two general elections, and a change in monarchy from the late Queen Elizabeth II to King Charles III.

The revised edition has been expanded to include reflections on the environment, economic development and information communication technology.

The NCLF is encouraging black church leaders to read the manifesto and engage with its recommendations.

The manifesto can be read in full here