'New Girl' season 5 spoilers: Megan Fox makes her debut in episode 4


Jess (Zooey Deschanel) officially starts her jury duty this coming "New Girl" season 5 episode 4, titled "No Girl" but that doesn't mean the show won't continue with its blend of comedy and chaos. The moment Jess leaves Nick (Jake Johnson) rents out her room and this will lead to Megan Fox making her debut on the show.

As hinted in the synopsis from TV.com, Nick turns the loft almost immediately into an AirBnB service in order to earn extra cash. Nick will be using this money for Schmidt's (Max Greenfield) bachelor party. However, it is because of this that Reagan will eventually find the ad and make her way into the series.

It was previously reported that Zooey Deschanel did get to film five episodes prior to taking leave so it is unlikely that Megan Fox will dominate the screen time in this coming episode. Fans speculate that she may not even appear until the very end, appearing as the latest person interested in Nick's AirBnB ad.

When she does arrive she'll immediately cause a stir as the previous report hints at an ongoing fling between her character and Nick. Leaked set photos indicate that she will be sharing an intimate moment with Nick and this may cause further issues between him and Jess.

The rest of the episode's synopsis reveals Winston (Lamorne Morris) will suspect KC (Kiersey Clemons) might be cheating on him and he goes to Cece (Hannah Simone) for help. The two will work on a scheme to discover the truth and it is likely the episode will involve the two going undercover to spy on KC's activities.

KC has not been seen on the show since season 4 episode 20, "Par 5." She was introduced as an activist not so fond of the police but was still able to develop a relationship with Winston. 

"New Girl" season 5 episode 4 will air this coming Jan. 26.