New Bible Project for Young Generation Launched

US Christian book publishers, Thomas Nelson Inc/Nelson Bibles, has launched new project The Voice after a recent found that younger, non-traditional Christians exploring their spirituality through modern means like technology and music.

The project is a first-of-its kind re-telling of the Bible that consists of creative voices from historians to poets, storytellers to songwriters.

20 million Americans are finding an alternative to the traditional church, according to the Barna Group's top religious trends research. Young leaders are also becoming increasingly influential as they communicate within post-modern culture.

The Voice line targets people who are searching for new ways to explore the Bible, or who are seeking to read it for the first time.

The project, is comprised of a series of books, musical CD releases, original artwork and a unique, interactive website ( featuring a special function for the reader to personalise the page view to meet their needs. In addition, it offers podcasts and video blogs.

Featured writers, scholars, artists and musicians for The Voice include established names in the emerging church such as president of the Ecclesia Bible Society, and internationally acclaimed speaker and pastor - Chris Seay (project founder); internationally renowned speaker and author of over ten highly acclaimed books - Brian McLaren; New York Times best selling Blue Like Jazz author, Donald Miller; author and scholar Lauren Winner; theologian, author, and futurist - Leonard Sweet; singer/songwriter authors Tara Leigh Cobble and Kendall Payne; and producer Don Chaffer.

The books of The Voice project are scheduled to be introduced through 2009. The line began with the recent release of The Last Eyewitness- a re-telling of the last week in the life of Jesus Christ and The Dust Off Their Feet: Lessons from the First Church- a re-telling of Acts.

Thomas Nelson Inc is a leading publisher and distributor of books emphasising Christian, inspirational and family value themes and is the largest publisher of Bibles and inspirational books in the English language.