NBA 2015 rumors: Jeremy Lin - Mike D' Antoni reunion at Denver Nuggets?

Jeremy Lin and Mike D' Antoni during their NY Knick daysReuters

With Billy Donovan almost certain of accepting the head coaching duties in Oklahoma City, Denver could be forced to set their eyes on other available coaches in the market.

They could consider former Thunder coach Scott Brooks or even Mike D' Antoni to take over though of the two, D' Antoni is most likely the one immediately available. Brooks, fired after the Thunder failed to make the playoffs, will most likely be another coach that many NBA teams will be pursuing.

If D' Antoni does get the nod, could Jeremy Lin be next to join him in Denver?

Lin is not expected to re-sign with the Lakers after this season, news that came out even during the regular season. It is no secret that Lin has failed to fit in to the system of coach Byron Scott, aggravated ll the more by the fact that he doesn't see eye-to-eye with resident superstar Kobe Bryant.

Lin reuniting with D'Antoni in Denver (or any team for that matter) makes a lot of sense. It will be recalled that the two hit it off in New York before which signaled the rise of Lin. So what better way to get your career back on track than with the coach who was responsible for your rise to stardom?

All that is a possibility but a factor that could come into play is Lin's hefty contract. Will the Nuggets agree to pay Lin that much of money (roughly averaging $8,374,646 per annum)?

If there should be obstacles, Lin's salary could be one of them. He may be forced to take a pay-cut which could be a feasible idea for Lin right now considering his performance lately.

The immediate need for Lin right now is to re-establish himself and of course stay healthy. Injuries have hampered Linsanity from taking flight but D' Antoni could help guide the American-Asian back to his fiery form if a reunion in Denver, or anywhere, arises.

Besides, both have a common goal, to prove the Lakers made a big mistake letting them walk.