NBA 2K15 locker codes cheats and new patch updates for April 2015

NBA 2K15 updated its roster lineup earlier this month to keep up with the current update with the teams' latest addition in the league.

Bleacher Report pointed out that the new 7-foot 5-inches player named Sim Bhullar had been added to the Sacramento Kings lineup, as well as the team's roster in the NBA 2K15 video game.

Adding the big guy was a challenge to the game developers in the first place, especially since the game will not allow building players taller than 7-foot 2-inches. This could remove the height restrictions of the game.

There is also a brand new set of locker codes unveiled for NBA 2K15 for the month of April, including:

  • LEFTHANDEDREVERSE - Grants players additional 5000 VC
  • MONSTERFLUSH - Grants the players added 5000 VC
  • THEKINGLIVES - Grants players with 5000 VC
  • ICHOOSEYOU - Offers random Playoffs themed item for MyCareer
  • POKEEMSON - Provides random Onyx card that players can use in MyTeam

All these codes can be applied by players by going to the game's Options Menu, then go to the Locker Codes page. By keying the given codes, players can instantly claim their rewards.

Also, the new NBA 2K15 Patch 4 became available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One starting April 1, based on an official post on Twitter. However, there is no information on NBA 2K15 for PS3 and Xbox 360 versions.

Though the patch had been released during April Fools' Day, it does actually existed, and it brings with a number of minor updates that focuses on the minor issues of the game. It includes the issue on the created shoes in the Mylayer Store that returns to the unpurchased state after leaving the menu.

It also took away the "auto-hesitation" dribble animations that automatically played when driving near the area of the defenders.

The rest of the patch fixes can be found on the NBA 2K's Facebook page.