Natalie Grant says her nephew, who was once a heroin addict, has found salvation through Jesus Christ

Natalie Grant (right) joins her nephew Christian (middle) in jail together with her sister Jennifer (left).(Facebook/Natalie Grant)

Christian singer Natalie Grant shed tears of joy after she found out that her nephew Christian, who was once a heroin addict, has found salvation through Jesus Christ.

Grant had been quiet about Christian's situation for the past couple of months, and she confesses that they all went through a "heartbreaking journey" just to get Christian saved. But all of their prayers and hard work have paid off, because Christian is now a changed man.

Grant and her sister Jennifer visited Christian in prison recently, and they were happy to see him drug-free for 20 months already.

"I got to hear about the hope and comfort he's found in Jesus. I also got to hear how hard it is, how lonely he feels and the regret he carries. It was joy and sorrow, happiness and pain, smiles and tears," she writes on her Facebook page.

Grant adds that Christian will be behind bars for a couple more years, but she is already proud of how he takes responsibility for his past actions and utilising his time to grow closer to Jesus. Christian is now taking college classes and reading as many books as he can. Grant is proud of her nephew and his hunger for knowledge.

If there is one thing that Grant learned from Christian's story, it's that Jesus' love and grace do not have an expiration date. "He receives, redeems and restores. And when He looks at us he doesn't see what we've done, he sees who we are: His children," says Grant.

For all those who have found themselves going towards the wrong path, Grant hopes they know there is always redemption. "So many of you are defining yourselves by past mistakes and shame. But only let His grace define you. Tell yourself the truth - not the truth of what you've done, but the truth of what HE'S done for you. You are who HE says you are. Period," she says.