Must-see Christian movies this year: 'War Room,' '90 Minutes in Heaven,' 'Woodlawn'

A poster for 'War Room,' one of three Christian movies to be shown this year which have been highly recommended by Christian speaker and author Os Hillman.(Facebook/War Room)

Internationally recognised Christian speaker and author Os Hillman has just come up with his list of must-watch movies this year. He recommends that people should keep an eye on "War Room," "90 Minutes in Heaven," and "Woodlawn."

"War Room," which is slated for showing on Aug. 28, is directed by the Kendrick brothers Alex and Stephen, who previously handled movies such as "Facing the Giants," "Fireproof," and "Courageous." Their latest movie tells the story of Tony and Elizabeth Jordan, a couple who seems to have it all—great jobs, a beautiful daughter, and an equally beautiful home. However, behind closed doors, Tony deals with his loss of love for his wife. The two often find themselves fighting each other, with their daughter becoming collateral damage. When Elizabeth meets an elderly widow who teaches her how to fight for her family and set up a secret prayer room in her home, miracles begin to happen.

Meanwhile, "90 Minutes in Heaven," which is directed by Michael Polish and stars Hayden Christiensen and Kate Bosworth, tells the true-to-life story of Pastor Don Piper, who suffers from a terrible accident that renders him dead for 90 minutes. He goes to heaven, then returns to earth, and struggles to find purpose in life after that incident. It will be shown on Sept. 11.

Lastly, "Woodlawn," which has an Oct. 16 release date, travels back to 1973 when the Woodlawn High School football team, including its coach Tandy Gerelds, encounters a spiritual awakening. It is also a real-life story of love and unity during a time when racial discrimination was rampant.

"Their extraordinary dedication to love and unity in a school filled with racism and hate leads to the largest high school football game ever played in the torn city of Birmingham, Alabama, and the rise of its first African-American superstar, Tony Nathan," said Hillman, who is also the president of Marketplace Leaders.