Muslim leaders boycott Jewish event after Muslims blamed for 'all' violent crime

François Hollande used his speech at the event to set out his plan to fight antisemitismReuters

Muslim leaders boycotted a Jewish community event in France after the head of the oranisation behind the event said Muslims were responsible for "all" violent crime in France.

The President of France François Hollande used his speech at the event to set out his plan to fight antisemitism.

The annual dinner was organised by the Conseil Représentatif des Institutions Juives de France (CRIF), an umbrella organisation for Jewish community groups.

Shortly before the event, the council's president Roger Cukierman told the French radio station Europe 1: "All violence, and we must say this, all violent acts today are committed by young Muslims. Of course, that's a small minority of the Muslim community and the Muslims are the first victims."

This led the French Muslim Council to boycott the event, which came amid mounting inter religious tensions in France.

There has been an increase in vandalism on mosques following the Charlie Hebdo murders and the shootings in a kosher supermarket. There has also been a rise in antisemitic attacks in France, including on hundreds of graves at Jewish cemeteries.

Mr Cukierman told the 700 guests at the dinner that he hoped relations will be "rapidly re-established" with Muslim leaders in France.

President Hollande called for "faster and more effective sanctions" against racism, anti-Semitism and homophobia. His government will unveil a new plan to fight hate crimes next month.