Muslim and Christian women to explore religious contributions to peace

Some twenty Christian and Muslim women will meet 4-7 September in Gothenburg, Sweden, as part of a dialogue process labelled "Moving towards peace through religion".

Hosted by the Diocese of Gothenburg of the Church of Sweden, the meeting follows a similar meeting held last year in Tehran. The initiative is co-organised by the Iranian Institute for Interreligious Dialogue (IID) and the World Council of Churches (WCC).

"Christian and Muslim women are peacemakers in many ways, be it at the global level, in society and in the community," says Rima Barsoum, WCC programme executive for inter-religious dialogue and cooperation.

"This encounter aims to take the existing dialogue between Christian and Muslim women one step further."

Bringing contributions from diverse backgrounds including the arts, media, education and theology, participants will wrestle, "in critical solidarity with tradition", with "issues pertinent to a just society of women and men", the WCC said.

They will also discuss the contribution of women to ensuring that religion plays a constructive role in society.

The meeting contributes to the Decade to Overcome Violence 2001-2010, a WCC initiative that promotes peace and non-violent ways of living together.