'Mortal Kombat X' Kombat Pack 2 news: Release of expansion set for Q1 2016

Mortal Kombat X - Kombat Pack 2Facebook via Mortal Kombat X

Back in September, NetherRealms Studios announced that its highly popular fighting game "Mortal Kombat X" would be receiving its second major DLC, the Kombat Pack 2, although no specific release date has yet been announced. However, the announcement did give a release window covering the first half of 2016.

Although the release window is pretty wide, it is speculated by fans that the DLC content will be given out slowly instead of releasing the whole "Kombat Pack 2" all at once. This was how the first DLC was released, with the second DLC character being unlocked a full week after the first DLC character was released. 

If the release schedule for the first Kombat Pack were to serve as a basis, then it is likely that the Kombat Pack 2 may begin releasing content by the middle of March 2016. All of the DLC's content would then be released in increments for the span of a few weeks.

Unfortunately, NetherRealms has yet to unveil who the four new DLC characters will be. As previously reported, there are rumors of the mysterious characters being Sindel, Baraka, Rain, Bo Rai Cho, Smoke and even Spawn among others. Spawn is reportedly being lent out by the comic book creator Todd MacFarlane but only for a limited period.

According to a report from Playstation Universe, Smoke and Baraka are very likely candidates given that they do appear in the game's campaign and their full move sets are programmed into the game. This would make it a much easier job for the developers to further improve them and turn them into playable characters.

The first Kombat Pack unlocked four major new characters: Tanya from "Mortal Kombat 4," Tremor from "Mortal Kombat: Special Forces," Jason Voorhees from the "Friday the 13th" film franchise and the Predator from the "Predator" film series. It also came with 15 character skins and costumes, including one for that Jax that gave him the likeness and voice of Carl Weathers from the first "Predator" film.