More people believe in 'karma' and ghosts than in life after death, new survey finds

Ghostbusters. A survey has showed that more people believe in ghosts than they do in the afterlife.Facebook

More people do not believe in life after death than those who do believe in it, a new survey has showed.

Some 34 per cent believe in life after death while 36 per cent do not and 30 per cent are undecided, according to the survey conducted by BMI research.

The same poll showed that around half of the British public believes in karma (51 per cent), life on other planets (49 per cent) and fate and, or destiny (47 per cent).

When asked about their beliefs, around a third of people in the UK also said they believed in ghosts (36 per cent).

Astrology and horoscopes fared worse in the poll, with only 16 per cent of people sayin that they believed in them.

Generally, women were found to be more likely to believe in astrology, karma, ghosts and spirits, fate and destiny and life after death, while more men believed in life on other planets.

Life on another planet and life after death were among the lowest-scored beliefs in the survey.

Intriguingly, those that voted UKIP in the 2015 general election are more likely than voters of any other party to believe in ghosts (43 per cent), according to the poll.