More heinous ISIS acts: Video shows executioner chopping off limbs of crucified Iraqi 'spy'

An unmasked ISIS militant prepares to chop off the limbs of an alleged Iraqi spy who hangs on a wooden pole with outstretched limbs.(YouTube)

In another sickening display of its brutality, the Islamic State has released another video showing an alleged Iraqi prisoner being crucified and then having his limbs chopped off.

In a four-minute video purportedly made by the ISIS propaganda unit titled "The Deterring of Spies I," the man in orange jumpsuit allegedly confessed about spying on the jihadist group for the Kurds, Christian News reported.

The video starts with a masked ISIS jihadist talking to the camera. Arabic music can be heard in the background, the same sound heard in an earlier video depicting the killing of an alleged Israeli spy.

The song, according to the Daily Mail, says: "We destroy what is despicable and haughty, in monstrosity his world has become agitated."

In the video, the ISIS executioner states that the prisoner was seen going to a location in the desert to meet with officers of the Kurdish army intelligence.

The video also shows the man on the hot seat, allegedly "confessing" his crime.

The executioner then quotes the Koran: "The penalty for those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger ... is none but that they be killed or crucified or that their hands and feet be cut off from opposite sides or that they be exiled from the land."

The man then appears with arms outstretched while hanging from a wooden pole.

His right hand and left foot are then chopped off by the unmasked ISIS executioner using a hunting knife as the victim screams in pain.

The video came a week after another video came out showing an ISIS prisoner being made to dig his own grave and two months following the execution of 30 Ethiopian prisoners.

Hours before the video was released, the ISIS also released images of a prisoner being decapitated. The victim was forced face down in the dirt before his head was yanked back as a jihadist took a knife to his throat.

The pictures were seen as an attempt by the ISIS to divert attention from their defeat in a strategic town in Syria.

"The distressing images appeared to be a desperate attempt to deflect attention away from yesterday's embarrassing defeat in Tal Abyad that has now cut off their key supply route in Syria," the Daily Mail observed.