Mom's Day of Prayer teams up with Sandy Hook mums


Worldwide Mom's Day of Prayer (MDOP), a non-denominational gathering of women across the US and around the world one day in January for the past 17 years, has connected with a special group of women in 2014 - the mothers who lost their children in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in December 2012.

Two of those mothers have formed a school safety awareness group named Safe and Sound Schools that is joining MDOP in the mission of bringing mothers together to pray for their children in churches, schools, community centres and social media sites on January 18, 2014.

Kathy Coleman, MDOP founder, explains the significance of this new relationship. "This year on 1/18/14, I believe our hearts need to focus on the families that are still together to stay together, on single mums, dads and grandparents raising children/grandchildren, and on the safety of the children/grandchildren as they attend their schools.

"These are the three areas of great concern in my heart as I hear from moms and grandmothers across our land. Mom's Day of Prayer is putting our prayers into "action" by partnering with Safe and Sound Schools.

"This is a non-profit co-founded by Alissa Parker and Michele Gay, both moms whose daughters, Emilie and Joey, were tragically taken from them at Sandy Hook Elementary in December of 2012. At each MDOP we pray for our schools and now we can help share with the world."

Coleman and her rapidly growing ranks of MDOP organisers believe God is raising up generation after generation of precious praying mums. They are experiencing firsthand how God is answering the heartfelt prayers of mums as they gather together in one accord, across denominational lines, humbling themselves as they pray for their own precious children and the children of their communities, states and the world.

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Source: Christian Newswire