'Modern Family' season 7 episode 13: Jay gets jealous while Phil feels ignored

"Modern Family" season 7Modern Family/Official Facebook Page

Last week on "Modern Family," Jay (Ed O'Neill) and Gloria (Sofia Vergara) tried new hobbies while Claire (Julie Bowen) brought back Mrs. Clutterworth as she forced Phil (Ty Burrell) and her children to help her with spring cleaning.

To add some pep to their cleanup, Claire dressed up as a maid and used a British accent in hopes of inspiring her family to help her get rid of unnecessary clutter. But throwing away some of their possessions proved to be harder for some members of the family, as Luke (Nolan Gould) had Phil distract Claire so he could rescue some of his favorite items from being thrown into the trash heap.

Meanwhile, Jay took some flying lessons, but the patriarch had a mishap when he accidentally knocked out his flight instructor while they were in flight. Luckily, Jay was able to guide the plane safely back to the ground, and the experience made him and Gloria realize that they tried so hard to satisfy each other and that they can find something that they can do together.

This week, in the episode "Thunk in the Trunk," Phil will feel ignored as Claire continues to run the closet business. Jay lets his jealousy get the best of him when a life-size cutout of Gloria for her grocery store hot sauce display gets all kinds of unsavory attention from men.

Phil and Claire have fallen into a routine, with Claire running the closet business and assuming the role of the family's breadwinner while Phil takes care of the household. But Phil begins to feel unappreciated, and he will not stand being ignored for long.

As for Jay, he enlists Manny (Rico Rodriguez) as his accomplice in a poorly plotted heist to steal Gloria's cutout from the grocery store.

Elsewhere in the episode, Cam (Eric Stonestreet) and Mitch (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) are being extra hospitable to get better reviews for their rental property, but when their new renters start acting suspicious, the two can't help but do some investigation on their own.

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