Mitt Romney's presidential bid is inspired by his faith, says friend

Mitt Romney of the Republican Party is currently mulling over the prospect of running for office in 2016.Photo: Reuters

Republican Mitt Romney might run for President of the United States once again, and allies say that this third attempt is fuelled by his strong sense of faith.

According to the New York Times, friends and allies say that Mitt Romney is mulling over a possible fresh attempt for the White House. They also told the Times that Romney's motivations are his "abiding Mormon faith" as well as his "sense of service and patriotism" to the United States of America.

The Times spoke to Kirk Jowers, Romney's PAC leadership chairman and a fellow Mormon. Jowers revealed that Mitt Romney is motivated by the thought that he is obliged to do something for his country and that is to run for President for the third time.

Jowers also said that Romney's approach towards his religion this time round would be different if he does embark on a third Presidential campaign.

"In 2008, Romney risked being a caricature of the Mormon candidate," he told the Times. "Now everyone seems to know everything about him, and that will be very liberating for him to talk about his faith."

Mitt Romney had run for President in 2008 and in 2012, and lost both times to President Barack Obama of the Democrat Party. His strategy in those two campaigns had been complicated by his Mormon faith, a fact which he reluctantly discussed or even avoided discussing at all. This opened Romney to criticism and attack from the opposing party.  He lost both campaigns.

Now Romney's allies say the Republican is gearing up for a different strategy in 2016. Allies point to a Netflix documentary released last year that showed Romney as "a man of faith and family," and that is the image that they will most likely show in the next campaign.

Romney himself is now more open to discussing his faith publicly. Speaking to attendees of the Republic National Committee winter meeting, the Republican spoke about being "a pastor for a congregation and for groups of congregations."