Millions of aborted babies remembered outside Parliament

(Photo: March for Life UK)

Pro-lifers from across the UK recently held a vigil outside Parliament in memory of the millions of lives lost to abortion in the last 55 years.

Some 10 million children have been aborted in the UK since the Abortion Act was passed on 27 October 1967.

The vigil, organised by March for Life UK, coincided with the 55th anniversary and was joined by representatives from the Catholic, Anglican and evangelical churches, as well as political leaders.

Fiona Bruce MP said it was "tragic" that so many babies had been aborted and some for easily treatable conditions like club foot.

"We have some of the gravest abortion laws in Europe – a baby can be aborted up 'till birth because they have a cleft palate or club foot," she said.

"One of my sons was born with a club foot, yet if you looked at my son, Sam, now you would never even know. In recent years though over 200 babies have been aborted simply because of this condition."

Isabel Vaughan-Spruce, co-director of March for Life UK, said: "The damage that abortion inflicts on women alone is enough to make me pro-life.

"Last year around 88 per cent of abortions were medical abortions and one in every 17 of those women having a medical abortion ended up in hospital with complications.

"This is being peddled as healthcare but if we really cared about women's health abortion would be made illegal tomorrow."

The vigil took place just days after MPs passed legislation introducing buffer zones outside abortion clinics.

The government later said that buffer zones are incompatible with human rights law.

Robert Colquhoun, international director of 40 Days for Life, said, "Just days ago a vote by the House of Commons passed buffer zones which would affect not just freedom of speech but also freedom of thought.

"This draconian law is more like something out of China but with God all things are possible including the ending of abortion."

Christian Hacking, public engagement officer at CBRUK, said that UK abortion law had "snowballed into a full-blown genocide".

"This is like the whole population of London missing and has not gone unnoticed in God's eyes," he said.

Caroline Farrow, CitizenGO campaign director, said that Parliament was "out of step with public opinion".

"Public opinion is beginning to ask questions, is beginning to be on the side of those who want to raise our voices, whereas Parliament is four or five years behind wanting to shut us down," she said.