Military chaplain fired for promoting biblical beliefs

Military veteran and former Navy chaplain Wes Modder is at risk of being discharged because of alleged insensitivity towards premarital sex and same-sex relations during counselling sessions, Fox News reported Monday.

The lieutenant commander's superior officer issued a memorandum accusing Modder of failing to "show tolerance and respect" at the Naval Nuclear Power Training Command in Goose Creek, South Carolina.

"On multiple occasions he discriminated against students who were of different faiths and backgrounds," Captain Jon R Fahs wrote, adding that Modder was unable to "function in the diverse and pluralistic environment" of the training command.

Modder said that he was praised in his last performance review, with Fahs referring to him as "the best of the best" and a "consummate professional leader" who deserved a promotion.

He believes the current accusations against him stem from complaints made by a gay assistant in his office.

"His five-page letter of complaint was unconscionable," Modder said of the lieutenant junior officer's grievances. "He said I had a behavioural pattern of being anti-discriminatory of same sex orientation."

The junior officer, who worked with Modder for one month, expressed concern about Modder's views on "same-sex relationships/marriages, homosexuality, different standards of respect for men and women, pre-marital sex and masturbation."

Modder was immediately removed from his position, WND reports.

"It was insulting and it was devastating," he admitted. "I felt discriminated against. How could something like this happen at this stage of my career?"

The former chaplain, who once ministered to Navy SEALs, said he will not go down without a fight, however.

"Every fiber in my being wants to run away from this – but if I do I'm not being obedient to the Lord," he insisted. "I need to stand up for righteousness and this is something I cannot walk away from.

"It's going to be a hard road for me," he continued. "But it's what God has called me to do."