Middle East needs more than democracy, says bishop

Christians must hope for more than democracy in the Middle East, says Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali.

Speaking in central London, the OXTRAD president said Christians should be praying for a democracy that upholds equality and "one rule of law for all".

"Democracy can mean the tyranny of the majority," he warned, adding that the new constitution should include a bill of rights.

Bishop Nazir-Ali was speaking at the Crossroads in the Middle East event organised by Christian satellite broadcaster SAT-7.

He went on to say that Christians in Egypt and the Middle East region must engage in the wider issues affecting society.

"We need to pray that the church will remain in the public square," he said.

"Christians need to be there and not retreat. We bring good news, the good news of the Gospel that changes people, changes societies and changes the world."

Christians must, he added, address not only the political economic and social situations but "show love".