Microsoft Surface Pro 4 vs Pro 3 specs, variants: Successor's release date coming soon?

Concept design of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4Microsoft

Good news for Surface Pro fans because the latest news has it that the Surface Pro 4 is coming very soon. There's no official announcement from the tech giant yet, but according to Design & Trend, it has been tipped by someone who has sources inside Microsoft.

The Surface Pro 3 has been around for more than a year, but the company has not made a definite announcement on a release of a Pro 3 successor.

However, recent tweets from Tom Warren, senior editor for The Verge, gave away something that will excite Surface Pro supporters.

As reported in Design & Trend, Warren mentioned in his tweet that the release would be this October.

Aside from being a senior editor for the tech news outlet, Warren also founded WinRumors, which means he has close ties to someone from Microsoft.

As for the Surface Pro 4 design, it was previously rumored that it would more likely be identical to Surface Pro 3. However, Warren said that the new Surface Pro will not look the same as its predecessor.

According to the senior editor, Surface Pro 4 may even have a bigger display, and may even be more lightweight and thinner.

Furthermore, the specs are reportedly a significant upgrade from Pro 3. Warren's sources said that an owner of a Pro 3 would most likely regret their purchase if they found out about Pro 4.

There are not a lot of specific details, but Warren is firm about his belief that the Skylake CPU will surely be present in the new device.

Meanwhile, other specs rumors on Surface Pro 4 stated that the device will be in either 12-inch or 14-inch models.

The high-end model is believed to cost about $1,300, with a 16GB RAM and 4K screen resolution, as reported in Tech Times.

The low-end variant won't be that bad as well as it's reported to sell at about $500, with 4GB RAM and Type-C USB port.

If the news reports on the Surface Pro 4 are indeed true, that only means it won't be such a long wait.