Microsoft Surface Book 2 release date: Laptop predicted to have its release in 2017


A lot of Microsoft's upcoming devices might be delayed, most especially the new generation of Microsoft Surface devices such as the Surface Book 2.

According to Ecumenical News, a lot of rumors have floated various possible release dates for this device. However, despite these, one common fact about them is that almost all of these sources agree that the Surface Book 2 will be revealed by October 2016. One reason for this is that the Microsoft Surface Book 2 was launched last year during the same month.

However, it could be possible that the release date for this device will not happen this year. After all, if the rumors on the upcoming Windows Redstone 2 build are true, most likely the newest Surface Book will feature this upcoming OS along with an Intel Kaby Lake processor. These won't be available until next year, though, so it can be safely assumed that the possible launch of the Surface Book 2 will approximately be around the time these components are released.

However, according to reports, while these components will be launched next year, Microsoft might instead opt to release the all-in-one laptop earlier. They might hold off releasing their devices with these components; this could mean that Microsoft will wait for the upcoming Redstone 2 as well as the Intel Kaby Lake processor to become stable before putting them on their devices.

Meanwhile, according to Yibada, alongside the Surface Book 2, Microsoft is also developing a new Surface phone. However, this device still has no official release date just yet. It is also possible that this new device will not be a phone -- instead it could be another laptop or a tablet.

Regardless, whether or not the Surface Book 2 gets released by spring 2017, fans agree that this is a long wait for a new laptop model.