Microsoft Surface Book 2 release rumors focus on summer date; specs set to include rechargeable stylus, 4k resolution

The Microsoft Surface Book. the currently available model.Microsoft

The Microsoft Surface Book has proven a massive success with its removable tablet screen and high-end features, but there are already rumors of an improved Surface Book 2 that may be released sometime this year. According to a report from Yibada, the new laptop-tablet hybrid will launch in October. 

Launching the Surface Book 2 by summer or October would put it in direct competition with the highly rumored MacBook Pro model that is also coming out around the same time this year.

The report continues to point out that the new device will sport the new Redstone 2 update for Windows 10 and may feature 4K streaming abilities.

An improved screen is not the only improvement as the report also states that the Surface Book 2 may also feature the newly released Intel Skylake processors. The device will likely also come with high RAM capacity and high storage capacity. 

In a report from PC World, a patent was also discovered that indicates that the Surface Book 2 will come with a rechargeable stylus. The Surface Pen stylus currently being used for the existing model runs on a consumable battery but this may change with the new model, which is reportedly coming with its own built-in charging dock.

The patent designs reveal that the new Surface Pen will have its own indicator light to reveal how much battery juice is left, an eraser end and an on/off button. To put it into perspective, this will be the first rechargeable stylus to be used for a high-end device in the market.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has yet to make any comment regarding the patent and the rumors of the Surface Book 2's release date and 4K streaming possibilities.