Michelle Williams is happy her gospel song 'Say Yes' is playing in gay clubs

Michelle Williams "Say Yes" coverTwitter

It's not very often you hear the name of Jesus at a nightclub but Destiny's Child bandmate Michelle Williams says that's exactly what's happening with her new gospel song, 'Say Yes'.

The song is taken from her fourth solo album, Journey To Freedom, which just released on Tuesday.  

It has soared to the top of the iTunes Christian & Gospel chart and if messages from fans are anything to go by, 'Say Yes' is making it onto DJs' playlists.

"I get all [kinds of] messages saying, 'Girl, they just played 'Say Yes' in the club', and 'Gay Pride'," Williams told the Power 105.1 radio show, The Breakfast Club, this week.

"Gay clubs, every club has been playing 'Say Yes' and I'm not mad at that.  

"We get to hear Jesus's name throughout the whole world through a song.  I'm not mad." 

Williams got a little help from her Destiny's Child bandmates on the gospel track, with Kelly Rowland and Beyonce Knowles lending their vocals.  

The song is a testimony of Williams's trust in the Lord to keep her safe and guide her through life, and includes the main chorus "When Jesus say Yes, nobody can say No". 

Williams also dismissed the suggestion that her gospel album is not gospel enough.  

"What is gospel music supposed to sound like?  Does it have to have an organ?" she said.

She said that while she stuck to a more traditional gospel sound on her first solo album, she felt it was a "mistake" because "kids don't wanna hear that". 

"I think the message is gospel, not necessarily the sound," she said.