Michael W Smith's Passion Translation endorsement removed after backlash

Michael W Smith

Michael W Smith's endorsement of The Passion Translation has been removed from its website after strong criticism. 

The Passion Translation (TPC) was published in 2017 and is the work of Brian Simmons.

It is billed by its publisher, BroadStreet Publishing Group, as a "modern, easy-to-read Bible translation", but critics say that it diverges too much from the true meaning of Scripture.

Last year, Bible Gateway, a website hosting more than 200 different Bible translations, decided to remove it. 

An endorsement of the translation from Smith on the TPT website called it "a beautiful marriage of powerful accuracy and readable, natural language". 

He also described the translation as "a gift to Bible readers", The Christian Post reports. 

"The vivid wording strips away the centuries, reminding me with every phrase that each prophecy, letter, history account, poem, vision, and parable is God's Word to me today just as much as it was to the original audiences," Smith said.

His endorsement was circulated widely on social media in recent days, prompting calls for him to reconsider. 

According to ChurchLeaders.com, the endorsement remained on the website until 31 May but was no longer there on 1 June.