Methodist Church launches interactive web map

The Methodist Church has launched a new web map of its churches across Britain.

In addition to details about churches, fellowships and groups, users will be able to find out more about the surrounding areas with the addition of statistical information on religious affiliation, population density and ethnicity.

They can also view data on wealth, poverty, and wellbeing.

The map uses data from the Methodist Church, the Office of National Statistics, the Church of England and Action for Children.

It has been designed to enable people to view and explore churches, fellowship groups, projects, schools within their local setting.

It is hoped that the map will enable churches to understand their local contexts and reach out to their communities more effecitvely.

Dr Christopher Stephens, Connexional Research and Statistics Coordinator, said: “This is a fantastic tool for the mission and ministry of the Church, both locally and nationally.

"The web map emerges from a strong demand from Methodists to see the data we collect about the Church reported in useful and flexible new ways.

"Maps provide a tool for presenting key information for mission planning in a clear and easy way. The new web map empowers Methodists to create, for the first time, their own maps based on their own questions and needs.”

Churchgoers and partner organisations are being invited to provide new data to add to the map.

There are plans to add data from the 2011 census once these become available, as well as photos, videos and text.

The web map is available on the re-launched Methodist Church website: