Masters: Prayer 'not allowed' for son of a preacher man Danny Willett

Newly crowned Masters champion Danny Willett is the son of a Church of England vicar. But his father has denied praying for supernatural help as his son displayed nerves of steel to win Augusta's famous green jacket.

Danny Willett was crowned Masters champion at Augusta on Sunday evening after shooting 67 on his final round.Reuters

Rev Steve Willett, Danny's father, has previously joked he is "not allowed" to pray for his son to win as "that would not be fair".

Steve's role has earned his son the nickname "son of a preacher man" on the golfing circuit. The 28-year-old Yorkshireman became an overnight sensation as the first Englishman to win golf's most esteemed prize since 1996.

Willett himself is also a Christian but said his faith was bigger than golf.

"I am a Christian - I was brought up in a Christian family - but a lot of the Americans take it slightly over the top at times," said Willett in an interview with the Daily Express. "I think He has bigger things to deal with than whether I shoot 65 or not at the US PGA."

Willett's family supported him through his nerveless final round of five under par on Sunday after he nearly missed the tournament because of the birth of his first child. Baby Zachariah was born ten days early, on March 30. His wife Nicole stayed at home but captured fans' hearts as she expressed her joy at her husband's win.

Brother Peter and sister-in-law Sarah were also a social media sensation as they tweeted their joy throughout his performance.

Parents Steve and Elisabeth told BBC Radio 4's Today programme they helped him bunk off school to practise his golf.

"By the time he was 12 he was out-driving me," said Steve Willett.

"I stopped playing with him after a while because it was embarrassing."