'Masterless': Faith film that doesn't preach but takes viewers on philosophical journey

Adam LaVorgna, star of the new faith-based film 'Masterless,' shares how he escaped the clutches of fame and fortune and found redemption in a renewed relationship with God.(IMDb)

Many people might recognise Adam LaVorgna from the popular television series from the 90s called "7th Heaven." In the new film called "Masterless," the actor portrays two different characters—Kane and Ronin.

"It's hard to put into words," LaVorgna told Charisma News about the film. "[Kane's] life is mirrored in an alternate world where he has a doppleganger. It's kind of like this spiritual world where the Ronin [a samurai without a master] represents good, and evil is represented by the master."

LaVorgna said "Masterless," which is directed by Craig Shimahara, is unlike any other faith-based films because it takes audiences on a philosophical journey instead of preaching a sermon. In fact, the actor himself learned a lot while making the movie, adding that Kane's own journey of faith mirrors his own.

LaVorgna shared that he was raised by his grandmother in the Catholic faith, but he let his upbringing go once he got to boarding school. At nine years old, LaVorgna ventured into the world of showbiz, and he immediately got lots of good roles.

But as his career improved, his personal life didn't. "I was surrounded by paedophiles, surrounded by alcohol and drugs. Those I looked up to were all doing it," LaVorgna said. "I had this delusional idea of what it's like to be happy and successful. I got away from church at 15-16, and by my mid-20s, I was lost."

But God never let go of LaVorgna. The actor would pray from time to time, but he was often distracted by his surroundings. It was only when he matured that he finally got into a serious relationship with God.

"Once I matured enough to face God, to look at Him, for Him to be proud, once I started doing that, my life turned around. It was slow, but on a steady incline," he said. "Fame and money comes with being successful, but if I'm successful, I will have a voice and impact people. Everything's about what you do while you're here [on Earth], and if I can actually help here, there's nothing cooler than that."