Mass protests and suspected arson at Christian pregnancy centre after Roe v Wade ruling

The American flag in flames during a pro-abortion protest in Washington DC.(Photo: Screengrab/The Telegraph)

Pro-abortionists have held protests across the US in the wake of the historic overturning of Roe v Wade by the US Supreme Court.

Abortion is now illegal in Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, Alabama, Ohio, and South Dakota following Friday's decision to strike down the 1973 ruling that enshrined a legal right to abortion across the US.

While pro-lifers have celebrated the decision, pro-abortionists have come out in force to protest over the weekend. 

In New York City, thousands marched in opposition to the court's decision, congregating at the city's Washington Square Park.

In Los Angeles, police cars formed a line at access ramps to stop protesters taking their marches to local freeways. Protesters were seen clashing with police officers as they tried to make their way to the freeway.

In Washington DC, police were deployed in riot gear on Friday to keep the peace as large crowds gathered outside the court.

Protesters were seen burning the American flag and US Capitol police said that two people were arrested on Saturday near the Supreme Court on suspicion of destroying property after paint was thrown over a fence next to the court building.

In Arisona, hundreds of activists gathered outside the state Senate on Friday and reportedly attempted to breach the building as legislators were inside. 

Tear gas was used by law enforcement to disperse the crowds.

The Arizona Senate said in a statement: "Violent pro-abortion protestors' attempts of an insurrection at the Arizona state Senate were thwarted Friday night, thanks to the swift action from local and state law enforcement.

"While Arizona state Senate members were wrapping up passing important legislation for the session, extremist demonstrators made their way to the entrance of the Senate building and began forcibly trying to make entry by breaking windows and pushing down doors.

Graffiti found at the site of a suspected arson attack on a Christian pregnancy services centre in Colorado.(Photo: Longmont Health Department)

"Law enforcement monitoring this situation called for backup and were able to disperse the crowd with tear gas before the entry was made. As this terrifying situation unfolded, Senate President Karen Fann called a recess so that senators, staff and the public in attendance could evacuate to a secure location."

Fann said in a separate statement, "We are incredibly thankful for our local law enforcement who quickly intervened doing what could have been a destructive and dangerous situation for our members, staff and public inside the Senate.

"Violence is never the answer, and we will not camouflage what was a blatant attempt at an insurrection as a 'rally' or 'peaceful protest.'

"We are calling on all state lawmakers to condemn these acts. There is a way to make your voice heard and violence is never the answer."

In Colorado, a fire at a Christian pregnancy services centre is being investigated by the FBI as arson. 

The fire at Life Choices, in Longmont, happened at around 3am on Saturday morning local time. 

Photos shared by Longmont Public Safety show the building graffitied with the message "if abortions aren't safe neither are you" and "Bans off our bodies" scrawled on the paving outside.

Local residents are being asked to check their video surveillance footage to aid the investigation. 

"The building sustained fire and heavy smoke damage. At the arrival of police and fire staff, the front of the property had been vandalized with black paint. This fire is being investigated as arson," the department said.