Mary Mary singer Tina Campbell preaches her first sermon

Teddy Campbell/Instagram

Tina Campbell, the Mary Mary gospel singer, tweeted on January 18 that she preached her first sermon in front of a congregation.

"Happy Sunday folks. Well, I preached my 1st sermon today," Tina tweeted. "I believe God was shining in me and through me. To Him be the glory."

Tina's supportive husband Teddy Campbell celebrated with her as he posted a photo on his Instagram. Posing in the photo were Apostle Kim Daniels and the happy couple. He tagged his post revealing the title of Tina's message, "We Shall Overcome Today."

Her message of victory can be attributed to her struggle just a few years ago. Reportedly in 2013, Tina's marriage was on the rocks when Teddy's repeated infidelity was exposed. Instead of giving up, the couple fasted and prayed and asked the fans to join them, according to EEW Magazine.

In an interview with the Christian Post last year, Tina expressed her faith in God and how she overcame tough situations in her life. She also spoke of her desire to share God's message in different ways.

"I mean I really wanted to share with people what He's done. When people go through devastating scenarios in their lives, they go through a great transformation. Sometimes I'm singing that, sometimes I'm saying that, sometimes I'm praying and confessing that," Tina said.

Tina told the Christian Post that she wants to surround herself with other people of God in worship experiences.

"The Bible says the devil is roaming like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. He comes to steal, kill and destroy. I think every opportunity that we get to be surrounded by other worshippers, surrounded by other people of faith who are encouraging us and reminding us of scripture and stories of how amazing God is not just when you're broken," she said.

Tina is also gearing up to release her new book and her debut solo album hoping to give her fans a God experience in her unique way, EEW Magazine reports.