Mark Wahlberg and Mel Gibson star in new faith-based film about a boxer turned priest

Mark Wahlberg is a committed Catholic(Photo: Instagram/Mark Wahlberg)

Mark Wahlberg and Mel Gibson will be sharing the big screen this spring a new faith inspired movie about a troublemaker who becomes a respected priest.

"Father Stu" is based on the real life figure of Father Stuart Long whose promising boxing career was cut short by injury.

After numerous setbacks in life, the former agnostic has an unexpected vision of God that inspires him to become a priest - a decision he never looks back from. 

He will be played by Wahlberg in the movie, which releases in US theaters on April 15. 

"Father Stu's journey from troublemaker to clergyman was inspiring to many, including me," Wahlberg said.

"Rosey [director Rosalind Ross] has done an incredible job capturing the essence of who he was and how he affected the people he met. I hope that with this film, we keep his spirit alive and continue his good works."

Gibson will play his father in a supporting role in the movie alongside other cast members, Jacki Weaver and Teresa Ruiz. 

Gibson's partner, Rosalind Ross, wrote the script for the movie, which is also her directorial debut.