Mark Driscoll comeback continues as he posts leadership videos on his website

Former Mars Hill pastor Mark Driscoll has made leadership coaching videos available on his website.

Mark Driscoll, former pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, has made videos on leadership created during his time there available on his website.

Dating from between 2011-2014, the videos have titles including "Be under authority before you're in it", "Get the men first" and "The leader picks the team".

The videos were first developed in 2011 as coaching materials through The Resurgence website, reports Warren Throckmorton, who has covered Mars Hill extensively. An email introducing them at the time said: "Being a leader is wonderfully complicated. Whether it's leading in family, business, or ministry, leaders face particular challenges that make simultaneous joy and fruitfulness difficult."

Driscoll resigned from the church last October following a string of revelations about his leadership style, including allegations of bullying and coercive behaviour. However, he has since launched a personal ministry website and is to be interviewed by Hillsong founder Brian Houston as part of the Hillsong Europe conference at the O2 Arena.

A petition calling for him to be removed from the list of speakers because of his past conduct including allegedly misogynistic comments about women now has 874 supporters.