Mariah Carey Testifies New Career Success Down to God

|PIC1|American pop queen Mariah Carey recently has announced that her two biggest loves are God and her pastor.

The singer credits her faith with helping her recover from a breakdown after the failure of her 2002 album Glitter.

After being dropped by Virgin Records, she was picked up by Rev Clarence Keaton who helped her rebuild her life. The minister performed with her on stage at this year's Grammy Awards.

Throughout her lifetime, Carey has spoken about being reborn multiple times.

According to an article in American magazine Cosmo Girl, Carey said: "I do believe that I have been born again in a lot of ways. I think what I've changed are my priorities and my relationships with God."
Referring to her reported "breakdown" two years ago, she continued: "I feel the difference when I don't have my private moments to pray. I said to my father when I went through all that stuff, 'I feel like I've gone through everything but death, so I'm not scared of anything anymore.’

"Once you fall that hard and have been kicked and kicked you learn to protect yourself. I'm a fighter, but I learned that I'm not in charge. Whatever God wants to happen is what's going to happen. I feel like I've had endless second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth chances. It's by the grace of God I'm still here. Yes, I'm frustrated a lot of the time, I go through bad days. But, I'm ecstatic where I am."