Man Who Mocked Christians Banned From Church For Five Years

A man has been banned from all churches after he was jailed for harassing Christians online.

Robert Skynner, 55, has also been barred from making allegations of paedophilia about anyone whether by message or on social media after he was jailed for eight months last year.

Skynner's Christian Comedy Channel on YouTube has more than 14,400 subscribersYouTube

It comes after he was imprisoned for a YouTube campaign against one particular Christian couple that the judge ruled constituted harassment.

A court handed a restraining order to Skynner that prevented him from contacting the couple again after his prison sentence in November last year.

But a judge has now imposed a Criminal Behaviour Order meaning he cannot make allegations of paedophilia about anyone, according to the Plymouth Herald. The ban applies to messages of any form including Twitter, YouTube and other forms of social media.

Skynner appealed his initial conviction after being released from prison but Plymouth Crown Court threw out his appeal and instead urged the Crown Prosecution Service to consider an application for further restraint.

The judge sitting with two magistrates subsequently made the five-year order.

When Skynner was told he was banned from any church he replied he 'would not be seen dead in one'.