Man Takes Christian Woman Hostage in Dallas Store After Church; Then She Tells Him About the Love of God


A Christian woman was taken hostage this week while shopping at Walgreens in southeast Dallas. But instead of cowering in fear, she bravely showcased her faith and introduce God to her hostage-taker.

After attending church service on Sunday afternoon, Carrie Coy decided to buy a birthday card at Walgreens. She was just standing in line, about to pay her purchase, when a young man ran inside the store, grabbed her and started dragging her to the back.

The young man, identified as Jose Torres, held the Christian woman hostage at gunpoint for over an hour. Throughout this chaotic ordeal, Coy remained calm, turned to prayer, and even talked to her hostage-taker.

"When he pulled me back and we were on the floor, and he kept saying, 'I have done some bad things, but I have never hurt nobody,'" Coy recalled, as quoted by "He says, 'I have never hurt nobody,' and I said, 'If you ain't going to hurt nobody, would you move that gun from the side of my face?' He did."

To keep her presence of mind as she was being held hostage, Coy said she constantly reminded herself that fear is not from God.

"I never felt fear and I said to myself, 'God does not give us a spirit of fear. God does not give us a spirit of fear,'" she said.

During this tense moment, the Christian woman also managed to have the courage to introduce God to her hostage-taker.

"I said, 'You know, God still loves you. I don't know what you have done, but you are going to make it worse, and remember God still loves you,'" she said.

Eventually, her agitated captor calmed down and surrendered to the police. Coy was able to get out of the store unharmed and back to her husband of 46 years who was waiting for her outside.

She believes that the power of prayer helped her get through this ordeal. "All the time, I felt peace. God was in control and that He was going to take care of me and everyone else," she said.