Majority of British public does not support woke ideology - poll

(Photo: Unsplash)

The ideas of woke activists are out of step with what many Brits actually believe, a new poll suggests. 

The Campaign for Common Sense (CCS) polled over 2,000 people on a range of issues, from public bathrooms to puberty blockers and climate protests, and found that conservative approaches continue to hold sway with a majority. 

Nearly half (48%) of those surveyed opposed men being allowed to redefine themselves as women and access women-only facilities. Only one in five (19%) supported this. 

Last September, the Government ditched plans to introduce gender self-identification without a medical diagnosis. The decision was made after a public consultation on proposed changes to the 2004 Gender Recognition Act revealed strong concerns about women's rights and safety. 

The CCS poll revealed strong opposition towards gender dysphoric children being allowed to take puberty blockers and hormone therapy (61% against vs 13% for). 

Over two thirds (68%) were opposed to breastfeeding being renamed 'chestfeeding' - the term used by transgender men nursing babies. 

In February, Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals (BSUH) NHS Trust became the first in the country to introduce a 'gender inclusive language policy' that tells midwives and nurses to use terms like 'pregnant women and people', 'breastfeeding and chestfeeding', 'mothers and birthing parents'.

Just 5% of people polled by CCS supported use of the term 'chestfeeding'. 

Commenting on the findings, CCS director Mark Lehain said, "There is a big positive finding here: the public do not want divisive culture war issues driving things.

"None of the issues polled had anywhere near majority support. Those trying to import the kind of extreme ideas that have polarised the USA will have to contend with the common sense British public."

The Christian Institute's Ciarán Kelly welcomed the findings: "Despite what some sections of the media, or lobby groups, would have you believe, there is not overwhelming support for trans ideology among the general public.

"In reality, most people recognise that the radical ideas touted by activists are damaging and wrong, and they don't want them inflicted upon society at large."